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I always carry my SOG Credit Card Toolkit because I jut don’t know when I’ll need it.

That’s because, as the saying goes, stuff happens and when it does you have two choices… You can either cry and whine like a little girl or you can take out your credit card toolkit and fix it like a man!!!

Look, I’m not saying this thing will save your life in the event of a car wreck, plane wreck, or alien invasion but, it COULD. For example, in the alien invasion scenario, you could use it stab an alien, take his blaster, kill the rest of the aliens, save the girl/guy, take her/him home (with the built-in compass), and open some beers (with the built-in bottle opener) to celebrate with a very grateful him/her.

Oh sure, an alien invasion is not very likely to happen but, are you going to miss out on your chance for all that glory, simply because you can’t possibly carry something as small as a credit card in your wallet?

I didn’t think so…

Credit Card Toolkit: Product Details

  • Dimensions: 2.125 x 3.375 inches
  • Weight 1.4 ounces
  • Finish: Black Satin
  • ABS plastic
  • Tools Included: Bottle opener, can opener, 2-inch serrated blade, 8x power lens, compass, ruler, toothpick, tweezers


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