Great Gag Gift

Zero Fucks Given Coins


Have you ever given Zero Fucks about something but the words just weren’t enough? Well, now you can LITERALLY give someone exactly Zero Fucks with one of these awesome Zero Fucks Given Coins!

Give them to whiny friends, shitty waitresses, dumb-ass co-workers, drunken strangers, significant others… Basically, anyone who needs to know that you just don’t give a fuck.

You’ll get 10 coins per order and each one proudly features a middle-finger and is clearly inscribed with “SPIN ON THIS”.

Zero Fucks Given Coins: Product Details

  • 10 Nickel-Silver Coins.
  • 1.073 Inches in Diameter (Slightly larger than a U.S. Quarter).
  • 14 Gauge in Depth (Slightly thicker than a U.S. Quarter).
  • FREE Shipping and Tracking for U.S. orders.
  • 100% Made in the USA.


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