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3D Settlers of Catan Tiles


This set of handcrafted 3D Settlers of Catan Tiles is perfect for hardcore board gamers.

There are multiple options available. The least expensive is $150 and comes with the following tiles:

  • 4 x Ore Tiles
  • 4 x Brick Tiles
  • 4 x Wheat Tiles
  • 4 x Forest Tiles
  • 4 x Wool Tiles
  • 1 x Desert Tile

This set is meant for 3-4 players.

The creator spent hundreds of hours carefully sculpting the original pieces to ensure professional quality castings. Each piece is hand painted and clear coated for durability. Each tile is unique and the artist sculpted individual tiles for the entire set.

3D Settlers of Catan Tiles

The top-of-the-line deluxe set is meant for up to 6 players and costs $350 (well worth it):

  • 1 x cardboard clam shell box for storage. (12x12x6)
  • 6 x Ore Tiles
  • 6 x Brick Tiles
  • 6 x Wheat Tiles
  • 6 x Forest Tiles
  • 6 x Wool Tiles
  • 2x Desert Tile
  • 11 x Water Tiles
  • 5 x 3:1? Harbor
  • 2 x 2:1 Wheat Harbor
  • 1 x 2:1 Wood Harbor
  • 1 x 2:1 Sheep Harbor
  • 1 x 2:1 Stone Harbor
  • 1 x 2:1 Brick Harbor

Being hand designed, crafted, cast, and painted, this game set is not just beautiful, it’s also functional. The quality of this set ensures many many years of enjoyable play with your friends and family. and a great gaming heirloom for generations.

Each set is carefully packed with foam sheets and shipped in a basic cardboard shipping box.

To enjoy these tiles, you will need a regular boxed set Settlers of Catan game. These are only the tiles, none of the extra pieces are included.

So, if you enjoy Settlers of Catan and/or are part of a hard-core board gaming group, you’ll want to give these a 3D Settlers of Catan Tiles look. Just don’t lie about what resources you have.

3D Settlers of Catan Tiles: Product Details

  • Multiple hand cast and hand painted 3D tiles.
  • Made from polyurethane casting resin so they are both lightweight and durable.
  • Each set is unique.
  • Will you trade wood for sheep?
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to be crafted and shipped.
  • If you need your set shipped in a hurry, please message the artist and he will do what he can to meet your timeline.

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