8-Bit Soap Set


I love retro video games and chief among them are the original Zelda games for the NES are my absolute favorite. This 8-Bit Soap Set brings a little bit of Hyrule into my bathroom.

Made from quality oils and other natural ingredients, this soap set features a sword, a gold coin, and a heart. The sword and coin smell like what they’re calling Enchanted Woods (I have no idea either but, it smells fine). The Heart shaped soap smells like vanilla.

8-Bit Soap Set Sword

They all work really well as soap but, I wouldn’t really recommend using them as such. After just a few uses, they don’t really look like anything anymore. They’re much better as a decorative touch in your spare bathroom or man cave.

8-Bit Soap Set: Product Details

  • Dimensions: Heart/Coin: 3″ x 3″ x 3/4″ – Sword: 3 3/4″ x 2″ x 3/4″.
  • Scents: Enchanted woods (sword & coin) and vanilla (heart).
  • Biodegradable and made from food-grade oils such as palm oil from companies that comply with RSPO.
  • In case you care, it’s even gluten and soy-free (though I wouldn’t recommend eating it).
  • It wasn’t tested on animals at all. Mainly because they really don’t like it and they tend to bite when they don’t like something.

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