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AleHorn Handcrafted Viking Drinking Horn

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AleHorn Handcrafted 12" Polished Viking Drinking Horn with Stand

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$37.99 $45.99

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Are you into the History Channel’s Show Vikings? If so, you know that all real warriors (even the weekend variety) need a Viking drinking horn from which to suckle the nectar of the gods after a hard day’s pillaging.

Whether your favorite drink be wine, ale, or mead (if you haven’t tried mead, do so soon) this 12″ (30.5cm) long horn will ensure your man-sized thirst gets quenched in one gulp.

This drinking horn is hand crafted real bovine horn (ethically sourced). Unlike so many cheap drinking horns, this is a quality product and not made of glass or plastic. So, unless you’re really a viking or live on a cattle farm, you’re not going to find a better drinking horn anywhere.

It also comes with a convenient stand to proudly display your horn on a shelf or mantle.

AleHorn Handcrafted Viking Drinking Horn: Product Details

  • Real bovine horn with a polished Finish.
  • 12″ from tip to base
  • Includes display stand (also made of horn)
  • The brass-rimmed for a Touch of Class (and to avoid splinters – very important)
  • Sealed and suitable for mead, beer, wine, or any cold beverage

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