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Back to the Future Self-Drying Jacket


Styled after Marty McFly’s jacket in Back to the Future 2, this Self-Drying Jacket offers all kinds of futuristic features that we all though we’d have by now. This jacket is not only self drying, it also keeps you cool in the heat, keeps you warm in the cold, and has tons of pockets so you can carry all your stuff.

The way it drys itself is to, essentially, blow up like a ballon and let the air escape from the external shell. This blow dries the jacket from the inside out. pretty cool, huh?

Back to the Future Self-Drying Jacket

The SDJ-02 includes pockets specifically designed for modern mobile tech: a 7”x3.5” pocket fits most smartphones and is ideally positioned for headphone use, while a 12”x9” pocket is perfect for tablets and phablets. There is also a dedicated stylus/pen pocket. All tech pockets are on the inside of the jacket, providing maximum safety and security for your most important devices.

Back to the Future Self-Drying Jacket

Cooling and Drying Fans.

Everything is powered by a 6,000 mAh battery pack that you can also use to keep your devices topped off. The battery life depends greatly on how much you use the various features. However, it should last a day or two. That is, assuming, you don’t constantly use it to charge your phone or tablet.

 Back to the Future Self-Drying Jacket Heating Mode

Heating Pad Locations.

There is a pair of retro-style light up buttons you can use to control the heating and cooling features.

If for some reason, the retro-futuristic 80’s style of Marty’s jacket isn’t for you, there are also options for metallic and charcoal black jackets with the same features.

There’s currently a Kickstarter campaign for the Self Drying Jacket (technically, the SDJ-02)underway. As I write this, they’re about 35% of the way to thier goal. However, since they still have a full 45 days to go, it’s likely the campaign will be successful. If it is, units are expected to ship by October which will be just in time for fall jacket weather.

So, if you’re a 80’s sci-fi fan, or if you just like cool stuff, go and give this jacket a look.

Back to the Future Self-Drying Jacket: Product Details

  • 3 Styles to choose from.
  • Includes climate control (heating + cooling modes).
  • Includes a USB port for charging mobile devices.
  • Offers larger pockets for smartphones/tablets.
  • Thinner, lighter, and quieter air amplifiers (fans).
  • light up, retro-style buttons.

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