Sometimes men get dirty. When that happens, those men need to get clean. So, why not use a manly soap to do so? That’s where the Beer Soap comes in.

This all-natural Beer Soap is made with REAL home brewed beer. You’re not going to get a buzz using it but, you will get clean.

It comes in multiple “flavors”. This one happens to be the Belgian Wheat Scrub.

It offers sweet top notes of citrus, with subtle undertones of spicy clove and earth notes of coriander. It was made using a home-brewed Belgian Farmhouse Ale along with some added wheatgerm for a light exfoliation.

Now, personally, I have to wonder how bad the beer tasted for them to decide to make soap out of it rather than drink it but, it is a great soap for the shower or the sink!

Beer Soap: Product Details

  • 3.5 oz bar of soap.
  • Made with all-natural oils and ingredients.
  • Recycled packaging.
  • Made with Home Brewed Beer.

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