BLACK 2.0 World’s Blackest Paint


By now you’ve probably heard of Vantablack. It’s billed as the “world’s blackest material” since it absorbs 99.965% of light and, basically looks like a photo-shopped picture in real life. It has a lot of applications for scientists and the military.

When I heard about it, I wanted some because I was thinking about using it to paint my laptop. However, one artist named Anish Kapoor made some sort of deal and is the only private person allowed to use Vantaback. No one else on the planet (aside from governments, some corporations, and people with enough bribe money) can get their hands on this stuff.

Well, another artist named Stuart Semple thought Kapoor was just being a dick so he came up with his own version of Vantablack. Called BLACK 2.0 this stuff is the World’s Blackest Paint and, unlike, Kapoor, he’s more than happy to sell you some.

Now, technically, it’s not as black as Vantablack. However, considering that Vantablack is made using carbon nano-tubes, smells like noxious chemicals, and costs big money to apply, I think it’s close enough.

BLACK 2.0 World's Blackest Paint

Take a look at the above picture (click for a larger version). One is painted with Vantablack and one is painted with Black 2.0.

Can you tell which is blacker? No? Well, neither can I (though I happen to know the one on the left is Black 2.0).

It has all kinds of applications. For example, I’m going ahead with my plan to paint my laptop to make it look cool. Police and Military personnel might use it for camouflage applications. Backyard astronomers can use it to paint the inside of their telescopes for better viewing quality. Artists, of course, can use it to make better art.

And finally, your ex can use it to paint things around the home the same color as their heart.

BLACK 2.0 World’s Blackest Paint: Product Details

  • Super black acrylic paint.
  • 150ml bottle.
  • Non-toxic
  • Cherry-scented. I don’t know why this is important but, apparently it is.


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