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Bluetooth Pip-Boy


Bluetooth Pip-Boy (Deluxe Bluetooth Edition)

This is not just a cheap phone case made to look like a Pip-Boy. This is a working, Bluetooth-enabled, Pip-Boy Model 3000 Mk IV replica.

Featuring an integrated screen and on-board firmware/processor the Bluetooth Pip-Boy pairs with your phone and lets you take or place calls. You can also access your contacts, SMS messages, and audio files.

Even if it’s not paired, Bluetooth Pip-Boy can still be used as an awesome alarm clock or a cosplay prop. Just like a real Pip-Boy, it displays readouts for Status, Special, and Perks screens. By the way, the knobs, dials, and buttons actually work!

Designed to fit most smoothskin (and, I guess, Synth) arms, the Pip-Boy is lined with foam for a comfortable custom fit. It weighs in at right around 2 pounds so it’s heavy enough to remind you it’s there but, not so heavy you tire of wearing it quickly.

The Bluetooth Pip-Boy even comes with a “genuine” RobCo Industries stand that works as a charging base and more powerful speaker option when the Pip-Boy is in place.

The compartment on the top opens to let you access a removable holotape that’s a USB drive. And it all ships in a Capsule-Case-inspired tin marked for deployment to Vault 111.

Bluetooth Pip-Boy: Product Details

  • Pip-Boy Exterior Dimensions: 7″ long x 5″ wide diameter to 7″ wide (at widest).
  • Interior Dimensions: 7 1/4″ circumference at smallest point (foam padding allows expansion up to 9 1/2″ – fits most smoothskin arms, but if around your wrist is bigger than 9 1/2″ at the smallest bit, you will be sad)
  • Pip-Boy Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Stand Dimensions: 7″ wide x 6″ deep x 3″ tall
  • Stand Weight: 3/4 lb.
  • Officially-licensed Fallout 4 Pip-Boy: Deluxe Bluetooth Edition.
  • Not a phone case – integrated screen and on-board Pip-OS software.
  • The knobs, dials, and buttons function.
  • Default functions: Cosplay mode (displays Status, Special, and Perks screens) and alarm clock
  • Additional functions when paired to external device: SMS messaging (receive only), phone (receive or place calls and access contacts), and audio file streaming.
  • Sound: Stereo speakers in both device and stand.
  • Storage: Compartment on wristband stores a holotape (16 GB USB drive).
  • Materials: ABS plastic body with metal trim and molded silicone foam liner
  • Batteries: Lithium-Ion. Recharges on the stand.

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