BuildOne – $99 3D Printer


The problem with 3D printers is that they’re quite expensive for what they really are. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they’re really cool but, they shouldn’t cost hundreds of dollars at this point. Not with all of the competition out there. Well, some folks started a Kickstarter to produce the BuildOne, a $99 3D Printer!

That’s right, a $99.00 3D printer. Not a kit and not just some DIY plans. A real, working, 3D printer for your home or office.

Now, for $99 you don’t get something with every bell and whistle. However, you do get one that is simple to use and actually works for printing small objects. Capable of printing objects up to 5 inches tall and 5 inches wide, in PLA plastic, the base model uses auto calibration and auto leveling  technology.

BuildOne - $99 3D Printer


In addition, it uses WiFi for connectivity. That means you can put the printer where it’s convenient for you and not just where you can run a network cable to it.

It’s also modular and expandable. It offers professionally designed parts and an exclusive single piece base that makes it both stable and strong. If you ever do want to upgrade it, or if you ever need to repair it – its easy! The included hex key is all you need to remove or swap out any parts (which will all be available) – and the head unit plugs in with just a single cable!

BuildOne - $99 3D Printer

The expandability lets you upgrade your printer with features like a heated bed (for ABS plastic) or a full outer enclosure. The makers are also planning on making additional upgrades available in the future. So, even if you don’t care about the heated bed or enclosure, you might want a different upgrade later. With the Build One, it’s not a problem, you can just add it in later.

It’s still on Kickstarter with about 3 weeks to go but, it’s been fully funded already. If you decide to help fund it now, you should get your unit in September.

BuildOne – $99 3D Printer: Product Details

  • Dimensions: 8 x 8 inches (200 x 200 mm).
  • Weight: 4 pounds (2 kg).
  • Print Height: 5 inches (125 mm).
  • Print Area: 5 x 5 inches (125 x 125 mm).
  • Layer Thickness: 50 microns.
  • Filament Type: PLA (or ABS with Heated Bed option).
  • Filament Thickness: 1.75 mm.

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