Butterfly Knife Style House Keys


Pretty convenient for those of use who grew up playing with butterfly knifes, huh?

Butterfly Knife Style House Keys

The handles of the Butterfly Key are produced from one solid block of Billet 6061T6 Aluminum (the kind used for tactical flashlights, Audi R8 chassis, and even military aircraft!) but is shorter than a real butterfly knife at just 2.75 inches when closed. When open with the key forming the “blade” it’s about 4.75 inches long.

There’s even a locking tab, just like the original Balisong. There’s also an option for a leather sheath so you could use it as a key-ring. However, that doubles the price.

To get this awesome bit of EDC gear, all you have to do is get your Butterfly Key Blank then take it to a locksmith to have the key cut. After that, all you have to do is enjoy your awesome key toy. Maybe practice some tricks so you can show it off?

Butterfly Knife Style House Keys

It’s available in multiple color options and can be built to fit just about any lock type. Well, house locks, anyway. Car keys would be problematic.

As i write this, the Kickstarter campaign still has over a month to go and the project is at about 40% of the funding goal. So, if you want one of these awesome-assed Butterfly Knife Style House Keys you might want to take a look at the project soon.

  • Dimensions (closed): 1.29 x 2.75 inches (13 x 70 mm).
  • Dimensions (open): 1.29 x 4.75 inches (13 x 125 mm).
  • Materials: 6061T6 Aluminum.
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Makes a great fidget toy.
  • All your friends will want one.

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