Maybe you’re looking for moar specific stuff? It could be that you’re not interested in cool tactical gadgets or awesome drones. Maybe, you only care about cool accessories for your home or gadgets that make you go WTF??

In any case, you’re in the right place. Just select the category of cool stuff you’re interested in below.

Auto & Boat

Looking for cool gadgets and stuff for your car and/or boat? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this category, you will find all kinds of cool and geeky gadgets to customize your favorite ride.


These aren’t just any books. These are the funniest and geekiest books you’ll come across. In addition, they’re educational!! No Seriously. Whether you want to know where the best places to drink in the world are or how to fortify your home from a zombie attack, you’ll find the book you need here.

Drones & Robots

Every guy (and a lot of gals) love drones and robots. I mean who didn’t grow up wishing for their own robot army with which they could smite their enemies from afar? Even if the drones & robots we offer aren’t exactly a Terminator, at least they’re a step in the right direction.

Food & Drink

Want the hottest hot sauce you can get? No? How about Russian cosmonaut food in disgusting paste form? How about a gadget that makes canned beer taste like it came from a keg?

Well, in any case, if it’s cool  food and drink or just a food and drink related gadget, you’ll find it here.

Toys & Games

Hey, sometimes we all need to take some time out for play. Let’s face it, most of us have never outgrown the desire for Legos or awesome board games so, why deny yourself?

This category is filled with awesome toys and games for geeks and guys of all ages.

Gadgets for Home

You gotta live somewhere, right? So get awesome gear for your pad here. Whether you like video games or guns (why not both?), you’ll find something to make your place more comfortable here.

Jokes & Gag Gifts

Maybe you like make people laugh when they find a can of Dragon’s meat in your pantry. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect gag gift for that graduate, bachelor, or friend?

Doesn’t matter because this section has a perfect joke prop or gag gift for any occasion.

Office Gear & Gadgets

Do you have an office or a cube? Do you ever think that it could be more comfortable with a under desk foot hammock? Or, perhaps, you’re bored and want to start an office war with a office catapult?

In any case, you’ll find the perfect gadgets and accessories for your office or cube here.

Outdoor Gear and Gadgets

Ahh… the great outdoors. Even the perfection of nature can be improved with the right outdoor gear. In this section, you’ll find stuff that will make your next hunting or camping trip more convenient and more awesome.

Spy & Tactical Gear

Have you ever wanted to be like James Bond but can’t afford your own Q-branch? maybe you’re military/LEO and want to get some gadgets to help keep you safer or more comfortable in the field? In either case, this section has so much cool gear and gadgets even 007 is jealous.


Basically, if we think something is funny or cool but a little offensive or “off”. We put it here. If you have a weird sense of humor, this will be your favorite section.

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