We won’t tell Daenerys (she wouldn’t take it very well) but you know you want to eat the tiny dragon truffle inside this Chocolate Dragon Egg.

Your sweet tooth knows nothing when it comes to the explosion of sweet goodness that’s headed your way when you break open this bit of tasty awesomeness.

First, you get the chocolate egg, and you might initially think that’s enough to make you happy, but you need to banish that silly thought right away because, once you crack open the chocolate shell, chocolate-covered almonds and a yummy dragon truffle are revealed.

Forget about being a mother of dragons. You’re an eater of dragons. The egg comes in 3 different flavors – White Chocolate (raspberry truffle), Milk Chocolate (mint truffle), and Dark Chocolate (hazelnut truffle).

Crack it open and find yummy chocolate covered almonds with a stunning dragon truffle inside. All edible, and delicious.

Chocolate Dragon Egg: Product Details

  • Each egg is one full pound (450g) of delicious baby dragon!
  • 3 different flavor options are available. White (raspberry truffle), Milk chocolate (mint truffle), and Dark chocolate ( hazelnut truffle).
  • Make sure you specify which you would like when you place the order.
  • Unlike most dragons, these do not hold up to heat very well. So, keep them in a cool dry place before consumption.

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