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CLRCFF – Clear Coffee Drink


CLRCFF is the world’s first Clear Coffee Drink.

Yeah, you read that right. Clear Coffee. This product was created by some blokes in the UK who were tired of coffee staining their closes and teeth.

Now, my first guess was that they took some chemicals and made coffee-flavored water then put a bunch of caffeine in it. However, they claim it’s actually made from coffee beans and water. They just used a process that hasn’t been tried before. Now considering coffee producers have done everything from boiling the coffee beans with an egg to running the beans through the digestive track of small mammals, I shudder to think of what process they tried that no one ever thought of before.

I guess, technically, since it’s made of coffee beans and water, it IS coffee, right?

Anyway, this magical brew has all of the caffeine and none of the staining ability of regular coffee. Personally, while I believe this whole “clear” thing a gimmick and we’ll later discover that it’s horribly bad for you, I do find myself wondering how it would mix with some Kahlúa or Baileys Irish Cream…

CLRCFF – Clear Coffee Drink: Product Details

  • It’s real coffee in that it’s made from Arabica beans and water.
  • Product does not contain preservatives, artificial flavors, stabilizers, sugar, or any other sweeteners.
  • You get two or five 200ml bottles per order.

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