I’ve seen every type of phone case you can imagine from simple protective ones to complicated ones with pop-out tools, printers, and secondary screens, but this Coffee Making Phone Case (via Mokase) takes the cake.

This device (that I doubt anyone needs) uses thin coffee capsules which contain just enough beans and water to make a shot of java. All you need to do is insert a cartridge and press a button on the Mokase app. The coffee is heated using a built-in heating system and can be poured through a hole in the case.


It’s not clear but, it looks like it uses your phone’s internal battery to do the heating. So, you’d better decide how important that shot of coffee really is before you blow through (I’m guessing) 10% of your battery to get it.

There are different versions of the case which can fit iPhones, Samsungs and others. Oh, as a bonus, the case comes with a collapsible cup. The cup can be used as a key ring, which is kinda cool. I guess.

Coffee Making Phone Case

The product was originally on Kickstarter. However the inventors decided to begin production right away and cancelled the campaign. At least, that’s what they say. When I look at the campaign, it appears that they only had a fraction of the goal before it was suspended. Oh, and it says Kickstarter suspended the campaign.

Take from that what you will…

Anyway, if you think this is a good idea because you’re way too addicted to coffee and your phone, it’s available for pre-order and is expected to retail at around $127. If you want in on the pre-order, you need to pony up a 50% down payment. Shipments are expected to start in September 2017.

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Coffee Making Phone Case: Product Details

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  • Available in two colors.
  • Available for multiple phone brands.
  • Makes coffee. Might taste good, might taste like ass.
  • Works as a phone case.
  • Will draw a lot of attention.