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Crazy Cooler – Motorized Cooler

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Crazy Cooler - Motorized Cooler

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This Motorized Cooler from Crazy Coolers is pretty much the definition of “Hey, ya’ll somebody hold my beer and watch this!!!”

It’s (basically) the bastard love-child of a cooler and a go-cart and is by-far one of the most redneck things I’ve seen in a while. So, yes. I want one!!!

Featuring a 50 quart cooler and a 49cc 4-stroke gas engine, it’s capable of reaching speeds upwards of 13 MPH. So, I think it’s safe to say that it offers way more power than any other cooler on the market…. Assuming there is another powered cooler on the market, that is.

Crazy Cooler - Motorized Cooler

Helmet and Flip Flops because…. safety second? Maybe third?

Unlike the Remote Controlled Beer Mobile Cooler, this one is intended to be ridden by a person. A crazy, probably slightly drunk, person.

It is capable of travel over most terrains somewhat safely thanks to its rack & pinion steering, disc brakes, and just in case you don’t have enough beer to keep it weighed down, wheelie bar!!! Yes, I said a wheelie bar. It needs it because, when empty, it actually has enough power to pop a wheelie.

While fun, I don’t recommend it because you might spill your beer.

Crazy Coolers Motorized Cooler

The Motorized Cooler has an all steel frame and all-terrain tires are designed to take a beating in all terrains. It runs just fine on Dirt, mud, snow, sand, grass, and gravel.

Like the cooler but don't like blue? How about a nice red one?

The one offered at the link comes with a basic Blue cooler, but there’s also one in Red for the same price. In addition, you can contact Crazy Coolers and get one custom made for your needs. It might cost you a bit more, though.

Oh, I don’t know what this isn’t standard equipment (it really should be) but, you can also get the optional Drink Holder as well.

Crazy Cooler – Motorized Cooler: Product Details

  • Dimensions: 44 x 24 x 33 inches.
  • Weight: 120 pounds.
  • Cooler Capacity: 50 quarts (48 liters).
  • Engine: 49cc 4-stroke gas engine.
  • Top Speed: 13 MPH.
  • Riders: One. The crazier the better up to 300 lbs.

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