This d20 Necktie (via Etsy) is sure to be a critical hit at your next “jacket required” game night. While you are wearing it, you will be the wardrobe master!

There are multiple styles and colors available but, they all feature a high quality silkscreen printed d20 dice pattern. It’s perfect for when you want to “class up” your gaming night.

It’s also great to wear around the office. Hey, their rules may say “you have to have a tie” but you get to choose the style. It’s a great way to identify the closet gamers around the office. Who knows, it could lead to a lunchtime gaming group? All you need is a discrete d20 spinner ring to get started.

d20 Necktie

Unlike a lot of novelty ties, this one is made from quality materials and should last until whatever width you choose goes out of style and comes back in again.

d20 Necktie: Product Details

  • Standard: [regular office guy] (3.5-4″ wide) 58″ long.
  • Narrow: [modern, hip guy ] (2.5-3″ wide) 58″ long.
  • Skinny: [super retro skinny] (1.5-2″ wide) 58″ long.
  • Standard XL: [big and tall] (3.5″-4″ wide) 62″ long.
  • Materials: silkscreen printing on silk microfiber tie.
  • Multiple color options available.
  • Hand wash, spot clean, or dry clean.
  • For the sophisticated Dungeon Master or tabletop RPG tournament judge.

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