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F&H Men's Deadpool Ryan Reynolds Jacket XS Black

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This Deadpool Jacket looks a lot like the one worn by Ryan Reynolds in the hit 2016 film, Deadpool.

Maximum effort was put into the manufacture of this jacket. It’s made with high quality synthetic leather with double stitching for durability and features chest pads and arm belts for sleek styling. That makes it a vegan jacket. Right?

 Deadpool Jacket

I don’t know why a vegan jacket is desirable but, hey, if that’s your thing then there you go.

The jacket has 2 outside and 2 inside pockets and a satin + polyester lining so you can stow your extra ammunition. Why the movie version didn’t have pockets for the same reason, I’ll never know. Of course, if you’re not carrying around a small arsenal looking for Francis, you can use the pockets to keep boring things like keys and cellphones.

It would make a great riding jacket or just one to wear while out on the town. Don’t forget your wear the brown pants. Just in case.

Deadpool Jacket: Product Details

  • Sizes X-Small thru %XL (American sizes).
  • Premium quality synthetic leather
  • Polyester + Satin lining featuring 2 inside pockets
  • 30-Day returns & exchange policy with an 100% money back guarantee
  • International buyers may be required to pay import duties as levied by their government.
  • Maximum effort!!!

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