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Dice of Rolling


As someone who plays a caster most of the time, it seems like no matter how many dice I buy, I never have enough d6s… Meanwhile, my collection of d20s keeps getting bigger. Well, that’s where the Dice of Rolling (via Kickstarter) comes in.

The Dice of Rolling is a dice set intended for higher-level players who need more d6’s and d8’s for attacks. Think of it as a standard dice set, just starting at 10th level instead of 1st.

Dice of Rolling

Oh sure, I could buy something like the Dice Bag of Holding to get lots of dice, but, they won’t match or be color-coded. As someone who likes everything to match (my wife says I’m too OCD), I really love this feature.

Besides, at just $20.00 (during the Kickstarter) it’s cheaper than buying a big bag of dice or buying several smaller sets to come up with this combination.

The Kickstarter started today and will run for a month. It’s already about halfway to the funding goal of $5000 as I write this so, I’m pretty sure it will be funded. The dice are expected to start shipping in October. After that, if you want to get a set of the Dice of Rolling, the price will be $25.00. So, you might as well save yourself $5.00 and back it now.

I know am.

Edit: The project achieved full funding about 6 hours after I posted this.

Dice of Rolling: Product Details

  • Each Dice of Holding Bag comes with 29 dice.
  • The dice are color-coded and easy to read.
  • (4) Purple d4 dice.
  • (10) Orange d6 dice.
  • (5) Black d8 dice.
  • (5) Teal d10 dice.
  • (2) Rose d12 dice.
  • (2) Blue d20 dice.
  • And (1) Yellow percentile dice.
  • Great for your OCD…

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