Dragon Shaped Bathroom Faucet


Finally a dragon with a breath weapon that’s not going to kill the whole party! this Dragon Shaped Bathroom Faucet is an awesome way to add your own touch of style to your bathroom. In addition, it offers a +5 bonus to hand-washing and tooth-brushing. Hey, a +5 is a +5, right?

This faucet is made of brass with a oil-rubbed finish. The dragon’s head shape looks like a Chinese-style dragon with a curled crest. The two knobs (plastic) resemble arms and help complete the dragon’s body.

If you’re not a D&D fan, you may still want this faucet because of it’s unique and classic style that would look great in an Asian-themed or childrens bathroom.

Who knows? You might just like dragons or want a cool and quirky bathroom faucet. I’m not judging. Hell, I want one.

If you want, you can get a matching drain for just a few dollars more.


Dragon Shaped Bathroom Faucet: Product Details

  • Total Height: 210mm(8.26″).
  • Spout Height:120mm(4.72″).
  • Spout Length:110mm(4.33″).
  • Material: Brass.
  • Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze.
  • You need a sink with only one hole for this to work. If your sink has two or three holes, don’t get this.
  • +5 bonus to personal hygiene when used daily.


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