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Dragon Skin Dice Bag with Eye


This Dragon Skin Dice Bag with Eye is certainly an awesome way to “keep an eye” on your dice.

It’s actually made from a soft leather instead of real dragon hide – which is prohibitively hard to get due to international animal welfare laws and the fact that dragons don’t really exist.

However, the leather is of good quality and each handmade bag features a “Dragon’s eye” accent on the side. The glass cabochon dragon eye has been hand-painted in blue and green.

Dragon Skin Dice Bag with Eye

Dragon Skin Dice Bag with Eye

It’s multi-faceted and reflects light pretty well. In addition, The leather around the eye has been painted with simmering blues, greens, and violets to make the eye pop. This makes for an eerily lifelike effect.

The top edge of this bag is the natural leather shape and the cinching tassels is made From the same leather as the rest of the bag.

If you want something a little more “metal” to keep your dice safe, check out the Scalemail Armor Dice Bag.

(via Etsy)

Dragon Skin Dice Bag with Eye: Product Details

  • Dimensions: Approx 5.5″ wide x 6″ tall.
  • Material: Soft leather and glass (the eye).
  • Capacity: Holds up to 42 dice.
  • Your dice bag is watching you roll so don’t cheat.

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