Dragon’s Breath Powder


Originally used for stage magic, Dragon’s Breath Powder is pretty cool. It can be used for all kinds of pyrotechnic displays.¬†For example, in the picture, you can see what happens if you put some inside a 12 gauge shotgun shell. It can also be used for less cool but more useful things like school science experiments.

A.K.A. lycopodium powder, this stuff is pretty safe to handle and only becomes flammable when dispersed as a fine powder in the air. As you can see, a shotgun does a good job of that.

If you get some (and you know you want to) just be careful. Like I said, it’s pretty safe to handle but, once ignited, it will remove your eyebrows pretty damn effectively. Not to mention, it could easily get you¬†arrested for arson if you catch something on fire.

Dragon’s Breath Powder: Product Details

  • 1 oz bottle of Lycopodium powder with a child-proof cap
  • Up to 12-20 uses depending on squeeze pressure and desired effect.

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