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Dungeons & Dragons Beholder Trophy

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WizKids Dungeons & Dragons Beholder Trophy Figure

Oh crap! Looks like we're gonna have to roll up a new party folks.... DM, that's a bit vicious for a level 3 party, isn't it?

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Last update was on: June 16, 2019 8:27 am

Behold! It’s a.. err… well, Beholder. The Dungeons & Dragons Beholder Trophy from WizKids has just become available for pre-order so roll your will saves now. If you fail, at a -2 for fear of course, click on over to get yours ordered.

Like the Red Dragon and Mind Flayer trophies that preceded it, this awesome monster is made of foam rubber and latex then painted to look as realistic as possible. Well, as realistic as a fictional monster can be, anyway.

Unlike the previous trophies, this one is NOT wall mounted. Instead. it has multiple eyelet hard points that you can use to suspend it just about anywhere with thin wire. It also features spectacular glass-like eyes for added realism. The previous trophies, while cool, were just foam rubber and latex. The effect is pretty creepy and nothing can escape its gaze!

Beware, though, it weighs about 35 pounds (15.8 kg) so you’ll need very strong wire. You don’t want your beholder to become a lame-ass Piercer that’s too blunt to pierce when it falls and crushes someone. Professional installation is recommended.

Dungeons & Dragons Beholder Trophy

One of the eyelets enables the figure to hang level, looking straight ahead. A second eyelet positioned further back on the head will allow for hanging higher with a downward glance. You know, as if it was drifting toward some prey. Mount it on a very quiet garage door opener so it could move and it would be incredibly awesome for use in a haunted house.

I’m a little disappointed that the eyes don’t light up. That would have made it extra cool but… (rolls will save) … fail! … I still want one!!!

So, be prepared to be paralyzed, charmed, slowed, or just outright disintegrated by this awesome Dungeons & Dragons Beholder Trophy. The Amazon page says pre-orders will ship early next year but, I have it on good authority that October is much more likely.

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Dungeons & Dragons Beholder Trophy: Product Details

  • Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 20 inches (66 x 66 x 51 cm).
  • Weight: 35 pounds (15.8 kg).
  • Materials: Made from foam, rubber, and latex.
  • CR: 13
  • XP Value: 10,000 (Unless it falls on you, in which case, you lose XP for not mounting it properly).
  • Carefully hand-painted for realistic detail.
  • A hard point eyelet at top enables the figure to hang level, looking straight ahead. Additional hard point eyelets on the bottom of figure allow for additional securing to help prevent swinging.
  • A second eyelet positioned further back on head allows for hanging the trophy higher with a downward glance towards the Beholder’s prey.

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