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Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragon Trophy

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WizKids Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragon Trophy Plaque

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This Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragon Trophy just screams I love D&D and have too much disposable income. OMG, I want it so bad!!!

Made of foam rubber and latex, to keep the weight down since most of us don’t have stone walls to mount it on, this menacing Red Dragon looks like it was on the losing end of a vicious battle. Let’s face it, if it won, it wouldn’t be on the wall now, would it?

Even though it’s a “small” dragon, this thing is still rather big, measuring 18 x 24 x 32 inches (46 x 61 x 81.5 cm)!

Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragon Trophy

It’s been carefully hand-painted for very realistic details. Its mouth is open in a fierce growl and I could imagine flames shooting from it at any time. If I were to guess, based on the size, I’d say it’s a Juvenile but, it could be a young adult as well. In any case, it’s freaking cool as hell!

It comes with everything you need to mount the plaque to your wall. This dragon’s head is a heavy object to hang on your wall. Since it weighs approx. 16  pounds (7.2 kg) we recommend you hire the finest gnomes or dwarves for professional installation. If you can’t find any gnomes or dwarves to do the installation, you’ll probably have to do it yourself.

When you do, make sure you install this unit into structural elements (into the wall studs for wood framed walls) or use large anchors (for concrete/block walls).

Oh, in case you still can’t quite grasp the size of this dragon’s head trophy, here it is next to a young lady for scale.

Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragon Trophy

So, what are you waiting for? You know you want it. It’ll be great in your man cave or game room and will certainly be the focus of attention. Especially on game night.

Oh, ironically, it is NOT fire proof, so combining this with a X15 Flamethrower is probably a really bad idea. It would be freaking awesome as hell but not something you should try. But now that I put that idea in your head, if you do something like that PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me the video!!!

Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragon Trophy: Product Details

  • Dimensions: 18 x 24 x 32 inches ( 46 x 61 x 81.5 cm).
  • Item Weight: 16 pounds (7.2 kg).
  • Shipping Weight: 23 pounds (10.4 kg).
  • Fire Resistance: Ironically, NOT fire resistant.
  • XP Value: None, what are you thinking? You have to defeat the dragon to get the XP, not just buy its head pre-mounted on a plague. However, it is worth a shit-tonne of geek points.
  • Charisma Check: No, you’ll never talk your wife into letting you mount it over the fireplace. You should try anyway, in case I’m wrong. Send pictures if you do.

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