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Fondoodler (Hot Cheese Gun)


Normally, I don’t write about products unless they have an established history of good user ratings (like 4+ stars on Amazon) but, this time, the gadget was so effing awesome, I had to let you know. It’s the Fondoodler and it’s a freaking gun that squirts melted cheese!!!!

Basically, the Fondoodler is an over sized glue-gun built from food-safe plastic. You plug it in, put in your own cheese, and squirt melted cheese out onto your food with a squeeze of the trigger.

Oh sure, for convenience, you could just use cheese whiz to get something resembling cheese on your food but, we all know that shit looks like cancer.

I mean really, what the hell is in that bright orange baby-shit looking stuff anyway? Have you ever read the side of the can? Really, I want to know, WTF is “processed cheese food”? It’s scary shit. That’s what it is.

Alternatively, you could melt cheese with a fondue pot/microwave/double-boiler/etc… OK, that’s better because you can put in actual, hi-quality cheese. Not cancer in a can like cheese whiz. The problem here is that it’s a pain in the ass to get setup, it’s a serious burn hazard – kinda like napalm – and, it’s messy. Not to mention that clean up is a real bitch.

Well, the Fondoodler is the best of both worlds. It’s easy, convenient, and YOU control the quality of the cheese you use.

So, I only have one question for you; Why haven’t you clicked over and bought one yet? Christ, it’s only $29.99 for gods-sake!!!

Fondoodler: Product Details

  • It’s a gun that squirts melted cheese!!! What else do you need to know?!?!?!


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