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Futurama Professor Farnsworth Vinyl Figure

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Funko POP TV: Futurama - Professor Farnsworth Action Figure

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Good News Everyone!!

This Professor Farnsworth Vinyl Figure from Futurama is a great addition to your Pop! Vinyl figure collection. Or, as a mascot for your very own Angry Dome.

Using assorted lengths of wire, he built an intergalactic delivery ship. Pop! used melted bits of vinyl plastic to create him right down to the coke bottle glasses. The figure is holding one of his inventions (I think it’s a control for a doomsday device) and wearing slippers.

Hey, when you have several doomsday devices laying around, you can wear slippers whenever you want. Who’s gonna stop him? Zapp Brannigan? Maybe the Hypnotoad could calm him down?

Why not Zoidberg?


So, if you’re a Futurama fan or just a vinyl figure collector, you’ll love having this slightly senile old coot in your collection.

Futurama Professor Farnsworth Vinyl Figure: Product Details

  • Height: About 3.75 Inches.
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Material: (read in Amy Wong’s voice) Well, splua…. it’s vinyl.
  • Comes in a window display box so you can see it while still keeping its “collect-ability”.
  • And remember, you can own property (like this figure) because you’e not a penniless hippie!!

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