Get Shit Done Motivational Poster


Do you have a boring or weird motivational poster hanging around your workplace? The one with the kitten hanging from a rope and the words “hang in there” bugs the hell out of me. I mean, really? How is that supposed to motivate me? I spend more time trying to figure out how badly the cat screwed up (and ended up in that situation) than be motivated.

Well the Department of Motivation has fixed that problem with this Get Shit Done Motivational Poster.

This poster sends a very clear message that you have shit to do and you need to get it done. I mean, it doesn’t get any clearer than that – no distractions, just the message.

It’s also a great item for your home office (or work office if you have a cool boss) and, it makes a pretty good gag gift for the procrastinator in your life.

So, get off your ass, click the Get Your Stuff button and get this poster. You’ll be so motivated that you’ll double your productivity and get a raise. Hey, it could happen, have some confidence in yourself.

And even if you’re already motivated, but still need help remembering the shit you have to get done, get the Shit I Gotta To Get Done notebook so you can write it all down and keep track of it.

Get Shit Done Motivational Poster: Product Details

  • High-quality, matte paper.
  • White text on black background.
  • Measures 18×24 inches (46×61 cm)
  • Frame not included

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