Gifts for Men, gifts for guys, man gifts, gifts for him, guy giftsBuying gifts for men can be difficult – especially for the man who has everything. However, you’ve come to the right place to make it easy to find the perfect gift for your man.

This curated list of gifts for guys is great for every type of man in your life. Whether it be a gift for your brother, a gift for your dad or a gift for your boyfriend. All of our gifts for guys are guaranteed to ping their “guy radar”. They’ll find it useful, cool, or maybe just funny. In all of those cases, though, they’ll be glad you got it for them. You can’t lose.

Whether you’re trying to find a gift for the guy who has it all or just your regular Joe, we’ve got hundreds of gift ideas for guys to make sure you never buy a boring gift for your brother, husband, boyfriend, or anyone else again.

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Great Geek Gift Novelty Medieval Chainmail Necktie

Novelty Medieval Chainmail Necktie


This Novelty Medieval Chainmail Necktie is the original power tie!! It's also perfect way for D&D fans to exploit a common loophole in the office dress code. You know the one, ...

Great Man Gift Stone Vodka Shooter Set

Stone Vodka Shooter Set


This Stone Vodka Shooter Set will let you serve your vodka in a way that will send a chill through your guests.Simply pull the shooters from the freezer, pour the vodka, and ...

Game of Thrones Catspaw Dagger

Game of Thrones Catspaw Dagger


A girl received a dagger. Specifically a Game of Thrones Catspaw Dagger and now you can too. Since winter is coming, it would be nice to have a Valerian steel weapon to kill the ...

Great Geek Gift Star Wars Lightsaber Bottle Opener

Star Wars Lightsaber Bottle Opener


This Star Wars Lightsaber Bottle Opener is the perfect way to open your beer, soda, or the occasional bottle of blue milk. Well, the ones that come with a bottle cap, anyway. ...

Ember Temperature Controlled Mug

Ember Temperature Controlled Mug


The Ember Temperature Controlled Mug is great for enjoying your favorite hot beverage at exactly the temperature you like it. It rapidly heats or cools your drink to the ...

Great Man Gift Folding .22 Caliber Pocket Pistol

Folding .22 Caliber Pocket Pistol


The Lifecard .22LR is a Folding .22 Caliber Pocket Pistol and is about the size of a credit card when folded.This super-compact pocket pistol is chambered for .22LR and ...

Great Geek Gift -19% Batman TV Series Shakespeare Head Bust Bank

Batman TV Series Shakespeare Head Bust Bank


This Batman TV Series Shakespeare Head Bust Bank is perfect for saving up your loose change until you can afford to be Batman.Based on the Shakespeare bust that unlocked the ...

$69.99 $85.00 BUY YOURS NOW
Great Man Gift -45% PS4 Dual Controller Charging Station

PS4 Dual Controller Charging Station


This PS4 / PS4 Slim Dual Controller Charging Station is something pretty much any gamer will appreciate. Well, the ones with a PS4, anyway...This vertical stand has 2 ...

$16.99 $29.99 BUY YOURS NOW
Great Man Gift -17% Leatherman Tread Watch Adapter

Leatherman Tread Watch Adapter


This Leatherman Tread Watch Adapter can connect almost any watch to a Leatherman Tread Bracelet including, specifically, an Apple Watch!If you have both an Apple Watch and a ...

$57.97 $69.99 BUY YOURS NOW
-17% Smart Light Up Key

Smart Light Up Key


Th LumNkey is a Smart Light Up Key. What makes it "smart" is the fact that it detects a specific WiFi point and automatically lights up when it's in range.This means that you ...

$10.00 $12.00 BUY YOURS NOW
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