Hover Camera Selfie Drone (iOS Only)


This Hover Camera Selfie Drone is the winner of both a Red Dot & IF Design Award. Built by Zero Zero Robotics, it’s an AI powered autonomous camera drone and available exclusively through the Apple Store. Sorry Android users, it only works with Apple devices.

It uses body & face recognition plus AI to follow you mid-air, always keeping you in the frame as it captures 13MP pictures and/or streams video directly to your device.

The included iOS app offers multiple filming modes, including Orbit, 360 Spin, and Body-Tracking. So, yes, just like the video shows below, it will follow you over a cliff but, it’s smart enough not to fall when it does so.

So, you can finally get the shots of yourself doing crazy stuff that you’ve always wanted.


The selfie drone folds up for easy transportation or storage and you can fly it like a normal drone. All you have to do is link it with the app & control it from your phone. It has carbon-fiber enclosures for the rotors so they won’t get your fingers during launch or recovery.

Hover Camera Selfie Drone: Product Details

  • Folded Dimensions: 1.3 x 7.16 x 5.19 inches (3.3 x 7.16 x 13.2 cm).
  • Weight: 8.53 oz./242 g
  • Camersa Resolution: 4208 by 2120 pixels.
  • Built-in Memory: 32GB memory.
  • Batteries: Rechargeable lithium-ion.
  • Autonomously follows you using advanced face and body recognition technology.
  • Shoots up to 4K video and captures stunning 13MP photos.
  • You can control the camera and view a live feed via the Hover Camera app on your iPhone or iPad.

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