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Isolinear Chip USB Drive


This Isolinear Chip USB Drive is designed to look like the isolinear optical chips from the USS Enterprise in Star Trek The Next Generation.

Come to think of it, not only do they look like isolinear chips, they actually work like them. Just not nearly as fast. Although, Shimoda might still mistake them for toys.

The drive has an 8GB capacity and lights up when plugged in. The transparent casing displays the original chip pattern on both sides along with a isolinear chip number. The USB post retracts into the casing when not in use via a sliding button. That means no end caps to lose.

Isolinear Chip USB Drive

It’s perfect for archiving your favorite episodes of Star Trek or adding a bit of  extra memory to your own personal PADD (tablet).

If you need a cool USB drive but prefer something a little more retro, check out the Steampunk Vacuum Tube USB Drive.

(via Think Geek)

Isolinear Chip USB Drive: Product Details

  • Dimensions: 3″ x 1″ with USB retracted
  • Capacity: 8 GB
  • Button on side retracts the USB port
  • Lights up when in use
  • USB 2.0

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