Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel RPG Dice


Each full set of these Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel RPG Dice were cut from the stave of a genuine Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel.

After making a batch of Jack Daniel’s awesome, you could say this stock has been in good spirits for the last seven years. So these dice should roll higher than average, right? I know I’d be pretty amiable after literally swimming in whiskey for that long.

They look really awesome with the wood grain and char (for the d6’s) and would be perfect for the drunken dwarf in the party.

Since the barrels are made from charred white oak, so are your dice. White Oak is a good material for dice since it’s a pretty hard wood but, it’s still softer than some plastic dice. So you don’t want to accidentally step on one.

Each set includes a d20, a d12, two d10s (one regular, one percentile), a d8, Four d6,s and a d4. Each order comes in its very own storage box.

Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrel RPG Dice

We’ll make more dice right after we sober up from drinking all this whiskey.

You also get a choice of a stamped steel or, for an extra $20, an aromatic cedar storage box.

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Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel RPG Dice: Product Details

  • Each set includes a d20, a d12, two d10s (one regular, one percentile), a d8, Four d6,s and a d4.
  • Made from real, Jack Daniel’s Whiskey barrels which are genuine charred White Oak wood so they’re pretty durable.
  • Note: Only the d6’s of polyhedral sets will have a charred side. The rest of the dice will be bare wood only. The d6’s will also be pipped as shown in the picture.

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