JPX 4 Shot Pepper Spray Gun

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JPX 4 Shot Pepper Spray Gun

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Originally offered only to Law Enforcement, the JPX 4 Shot Pepper Spray Gun is a bit different than other pepper spray devices.

Instead of using an aerosol, this gun actually uses a primer (just like a real gun) to shoot the pepper spray up to 23 feet (7m) at up to 320 FPS ( 97.5 m/s). Despite using a primer, it is NOT considered a firearm by the ATF.

It hold 4 shots and fires an exceptionally potent liquid 10% OC. The ease of training and the power of each super-strong pepper payload has made the JPX very popular among law enforcement and corrections professionals world-wide.

Reloading is fast and easy, just pop the gun open (break-barrel style) and swap out cartridges. You can load each round individually so that you always have 4 rounds available.

Need reloads for your JPX 4? Get a 4-pack of OC cartridges.

It includes a built-in laser sight and a small picatinny rail that could be used to mount a flashlight.

The JPX4 feels weighty and solid in your hands and the Swiss clock-like craftsmanship is immediately apparent. The unlocking mechanism for the chamber to load the pepper canisters is as smooth as a pocket knife.

It might be a bit costly, but it’s really the best thing in non-lethal self defense on the market.

JPX 4 Shot Pepper Spray Gun: Product Details

  • LE quality OC pepper spray gun.
  • Fires up 4 Separate Shots to 23 feet at 590 FPS from the nozzle
  • Swiss made.
  • It’s not considered a firearm by ATF.
  • Lightweight at 16 oz empty and 20 oz with 4 shots.

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