Real Leather D20 Dice Pouch


This Leather D20 Dice Pouch is, essentially, a set of leather armor for your dice!

The pouch gets its name because it actually looks like a d20. Instead of using flexible cloth, the 20 individual triangles are made from a flexible yet firm genuine leather panels. They’re stitched together with waxed leather thread so they have a medieval look to them.

Oh, and despite how they look, they feature waterproof seams so, your dice won’t get all sticky when your Rogue accidentally spills his Mountain Dew on your dice bag…. yet again. Although, you will need to rinse off the bag.

It comes in either red or black and is about 4″ on a side. That’s big enough to accommodate about 3 full sets of dice and maybe a mini or two. Each pouch is handmade so there will be a bit of variation in color, size, and stitching.

Real Leather D20 Dice Pouch

The pinch opening is held together by a manila envelope style post and cord enclosure. It’s easy to use and keeps your dice secure inside.

Also, your dice make a great noise when you shake them inside the pouch – way better than your existing dice bag.

If your dice need more than the +2 afforded by leather armor, check out the  the Dragonhide Dice Bag for a +4 AC bonus instead.

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Real Leather D20 Dice Pouch: Product Details

  • Dimensions: About 4″ across
  • Materials: 8-10 oz. leather, gum tragacanth, and leather wax thread
  • Colors: Choose black or red.
  • Waterproof (except for the opening, obviously), but don’t soak it.
  • Handmade from leather of armor quality and thickness.
  • Pinch opening with a manila envelope-style clasp closure.
  • Care Instructions: You don’t really need to do anything to take care of it. However, neatsfoot oil will keep your leather supple and conditioned. Use a non-oil conditioner for the red d20s because the oil conditioners will slightly darken the leather.

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