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Bestkee LED Lightsaber Umbrella - Laser sword Light up Golf Umbrellas with...

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$26.99 $39.99

This LED Lightsaber Umbrella is perfect for Star Wars (or Blade Runner) fans across the galaxy. While you wouldn’t need it on Tatooine, it would certainly come in handy on Kamino.

The shaft lights up via configurable LEDs so, you can pick your favorite lightsaber color. You can choose between light blue, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, and red.

While cool in it’s own right, having a lightsaber umbrella is also safer since drivers will be able to see you walking along the road much easier. Speaking of safety, there’s also a white LED flashlight built into the bottom of the handle that can provide you light so you can see at night. In case you’re wondering, the flashlight and the shaft LEDs are operated independently.

The 40″ black canopy will provide plenty of cover from the elements and is also UV resistant so you can use it as a parasol during clear days.

All in all, it’s a great gift of Star Wars fans and safety conscious pedestrians alike.

LED Lightsaber Umbrella: Product Details

  • Dimensions: 40 x 32 inches (105 x 82cm).
  • Batteries: 3 AAA batteries required.
  • Canopy: Micro-weave 210T polyester fabric for rain and UV protection.
  • Yes the flashlight and LEDs can be turned on independently of each other.
  • 7 different color options from Anakin/Luke’s light blue to Darth Vader’s red.

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