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Lego NES Case for Raspberry Pi 3


This Lego NES Case for Raspberry Pi 3 computers is great for your NES emulator project. Designed to house a Raspberry Pi 3, it looks a lot like the classic NES from 1985.

All you need is this case, a Raspberry Pi 3, and a copy of Retro Pie to make yourself an awesome and unique retro gaming system. The Retro Pie emulator is the same one used by the PiPlay DIY Portable Game System.

Lego NES Case for Raspberry Pi 3

The NesPi kit is sold via a Spanish website and contains 111 pieces of LEGO along with a 32-page, full color manual. Like all LEGO kits, it’s a lot of fun to put together as you build the case.

Ordering the kit is pretty easy, even if you can’t read Spanish, but make sure you leave the phone number field on the web-form blank. It doesn’t seem to handle foreign numbers very well. Of course, if you’re in Spain, forget I said that.

If you already happen to have the required LEGO pieces, it’s possible to create a similar-looking NES case from scratch. One guy from Germany, André Rinas, used the LEGO Digital Designer to create a similar case. You can find the instructions on his website. Just be aware that, you know, since he’s German, his instructions are in German. However, Google Translator is your friend so it should only slow you down a little bit.

I know it seems like a lot to deal with just to have a case for your Raspberry Pi. However, I also know, a detail like this can be the difference between getting a few views when you show your NES emulator off on YouTube and getting a whole shit-tonne of them!!!

Lego NES Case for Raspberry Pi 3: Product Details

  • Comes with 111 Lego pieces to make the case.
  • Includes 32 page full color manual.
  • Accommodates ports for USB, audio, video.
  • It’s coming from Spain so, North American customers might have to pay extra shipping and/or wait a while.

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