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Liquid Ass Stink Spray Bundle


This Liquid Ass Stink Spray Bundle is a trio of awesome pranks you can use to disgust your friends, or get restaurants closed down by the health department,  depending on where you use them.

Unlike other stink spray gags, this bundle gives you 3 different options so you can customize your joke (or exact revenge) in the most applicable way. Included are the following 3 “fragrances”:

  • Tex Ass: This one smells like BBQ at first but changes to smell like ass!
  • Liquid Ass: Highly concentrated, fart spray. This one smells so bad, it would be considered a war crime to use on enemy troops.
  • BARFume: Smells like puke. Especially useful when there are some “sympathetic pukers” around.

To pull off this prank, select your “scent”, disperse a couple of quick squirts (you’ll be upwind, if you’re smart) and, the most important step, act completely innocent.

Liquid Ass Stink Spray Bundle: Product Details

  • Product Dimensions 3.3 x 1.1 x 4.1 inches
  • Item Weight 4 ounces
  • Triple Pack bundle of the best selling Stink Spray Pranks *1 Bottle of each*


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