Men’s Silicone Wedding Ring

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Men's Silicone Ring- 9mm Premium Heavy Duty Silicone Wedding Ring with Unique...

Perfect for the man that works with his hands. It's both stylish and safe.

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This Silicone Wedding Ring is perfect for people who can’t wear a metallic wedding ring. Which is┬ájust about anyone who works around heavy machinery or electricity.

This fully functional, tough, durable and waterproof silicone ring is built to last. It’s not a flimsy thin rubber band as most other silicone rings. There’s no need to ever again remove (and potentially lose) your wedding band (for safety reasons or “safe keeping”).

Despite being tough, it’s safe and designed to break away at 45-50 lbs of pressure. This eliminates the possibility of “de-gloving” or finger amputation.

It’s made of medical grade HypoAllergenic silicone, so it is chemically inert and will not react with any chemicals or acids. It’s also electrically non-conductive, so electricians can begin wearing a ring again (even around high voltage).

On top of all this, it’s comfortable (no more ring callouses). It’s also stylish as it has a “high-tech” look to it that makes it stand out and be noticed. It comes in multiple colors such as the “Earthstone Aztec” shown below.

Men's Silicone Wedding Ring

Ladies, it makes a great gift for him. If you get him one he can have a lasting symbol of your mutual commitment with him all of the time.

Men’s Silicone Wedding Ring: Product Details

  • Material: High grade silicone.
  • Available in men’s ring sizes 7 to 15 (17.75mm to 23mm).
  • Multiple styles available.
  • Designed to break away at about 45 lbs of pressure to protect your finger.
  • Note: Order a size larger than you normally would. This will prevent the ring from uncomfortably squeezing your finger.

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