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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Micro-USB Charging Cable


This Star Wars Millennium Falcon Micro-USB Charging Cable is perfect for keeping your intergalactic communicator charged up while running from the Empire. Yes, I said Empire. It has the round-dish so, it’s pre-Episode VIII.

The USB charging cable  with a 34″ long cord (83.4 cm) illuminated by a blue light strip that animates when charging. There’s a micro-USB plug built into the front of the highly-detailed miniature ship. When plugged in to your phone the engines on the back of the Millennium Falcon illuminate as if they’re warming up for another shot at the Kessel Run.

This cable is so awesome, who wouldn’t want it charging their phone? Okay, Boba Fett and maybe Jabba. But besides them, who else wouldn’t want this?

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Micro-USB Charging Cable

One word of caution: As with it’s namesake, the Millennium Falcon charging cable is a bit temperamental. It will work fine so long as you are not trying to draw more than 2.1 A through it.

This means that “fast charging” devices may cause it to overheat (because they usually draw more than 2.1 amps). Chewie has been working on the problem but, it’s part of the finicky hyper-drive system so it may never be fixed.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Micro-USB Charging Cable: Product Details

  • 34″ long cord including the Falcon on the end.
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise.
  • USB 2.0 and micro-USB connectors for file transfer and charging.
  • Blue strip on cord animates and the Millennium Falcon’s engines light-up when charging. When it’s done charging, the animation stops, but the Falcon’s engines stay lit.
  • The Millennium Falcon Micro-USB Charging Cable is rated for maximum current load of 2.1A. Do not use this charging cable with USB chargers or devices rated as or requiring more than 2.1A. Check markings on chargers or devices (or user manuals) for maximum current load ratings prior to use with this charging cable.

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