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Movie Night on the Bridge Shirt


This Movie Night on the Bridge Shirt is great for both Star Wars and Star Trek fans. It shows the crew of the Enterprise enjoying a classic movie on the bridge of the Enterprise. The classic movie they’re enjoying is, of course, the original Star Wars – Episode 4 “A New Hope”.

Despite being a crossover, Mr. Spock would agree that this shirt is completely logical since Star Wars really is a classic movie. I’m sure it would be in the computer memory banks, right?

The shirt clearly shows Mr. Sulu swinging a lightsaber while Uhura and Kirk are munching on some popcorn as the opening credits scroll past. Hopefully, neither the Romulans or Klingons attack during the movie. Having classic movie night interrupted by disruptor fire would be bad for morale.

Movie Night on the Bridge Shirt

It’s available in multiple sizes (mens, womens, and childrens) along with two different T-shirt quality options (standard and premium for an extra $3.00). However, it’s only available in one color; silver/grey.

It would make an awesome gift for both Star Wars and/or Star Trek fans.

Movie Night on the Bridge Shirt: Product Details

  • Grey T-shirt avaliable in multiple sizes.
  • Shirt Manufactured: Honduras/Nicaragua.
  • Design Printed: Carrollton, Texas, USA.
  • Fiber Content: 4.5 oz 100% Combed Ringspun Cotton.
  • “It’s a cool shirt. I don’t care if it’l logical or not” – Cmdr. Spock.

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