Nixie Chessboard Kit


This Nixie Chessboard kit has got to be the coolest chessboard I’ve ever seen. This is a DIY kit so you’ll need to have some electronic skills but, if you do, you’ll have a unique and awesome chess set that everyone will want to play.

The pieces use IN-15 (oval) series Nixie tubes and light up when assembled and placed on the finished board. In case you’re wondering the board powers the pieces wirelessly. So you only need to power the board and not put batteries into each piece, cool right?

Nixie Chessboard Kit

The different sides are differentiated by the color of the piece bases as the Nixie tubes are identical. The symbols used to depict each piece may vary from the photograph depending on the availability of the nixies.

Remember, these symbol nixie tubes haven’t been made since 1991 and are now in short supply. Once they’re gone, that’s it. Game over.

Nixie Chessboard: Product Details

  • Materials: Bakelite, Glass, Steel, Neon, Resin, Electrons
  • Includes: Board components (including power supply), 32 IN-15 Nixie pieces and support hardware, instructions.
  • You’ll need your own tools to assemble everything.
  • No not play with rage quitters who tip over the board when they lose. There’s a real danger of electric shock if you do.

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