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Oak barrel all inclusive kegerator bar comes with 30"X48"X1/2" tempered glass top...

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This 38″ tall, glass topped, Oak Barrel Kegerator Bar Table is a great addition to your man cave!

Just imagine sitting at the table with a friend and pouring yourselves a nice cold one without needing to get up. Talk about a great way to watch the game!

While it doesn’t come with a keg, something about the ATF being pissy about mailing kegs of beer to people’s houses, it does come with a 7.5 lb CO2 tank, keg-coupler, gauges, safety valve, and tap.

Oak Barrel Kegerator Bar Table

All you have to do is drop in your favorite keg beer, hook it up and cover with ice. After that, it’s a simple matter of learning how to do a good pour without too much head. There’s even a T-style handle that you can access without opening the barrel so you can easily adjust the keg pressure. A gauge on the outside of the barrel lets you know when you need to change the keg or CO2 tank.

There’s even a drain hole for handling the melt water from the ice. Basically, it’s a pro-grade keg setup with an awesome bar table thrown in for free.

Don't need to tabletop? No problem you can save a little cash by getting just the barrel part.


It even has a set of 5 inch caster wheels to let you easily move it around your man cave, deck, or patio. Every one of these kegerators is hand made so you’re may vary a bit from the pictures.

Oak Barrel Kegerator Bar Table: Product Details

  • Barrel Dimensions: 28 x 35 x 28 inches.
  • Tabletop Dimensions: 30 x 48 inches.
  • Weight: A lot!!!!
  • Materials: Oak and glass.
  • Mahogany finish on the barrel. It may vary a bit from the pictures.
  • Includes caster wheels.
  • Keg and bar stools not included.

      Moar Stuff - You don't need it but you know you want it.