Objects in Mirror are Losing Decals


I’m not saying you’re the type to be engaged in an illegal street race but, if you were, you know theoretically, then these Objects in Mirror are Losing decals are perfect for you.

Hell, even if you’re not a Dominic Toretto wannabe, these are still a great thing to put on your car for a bit of humor when stuck in traffic (or for when someone borrows your car).

Made from vinyl, these premium stickers will stay in place for up to 7 years. Frankly, that’s probably longer than you’ll have the truck, car, or bike.

Objects in Mirror are Losing Decals: Product Details

  • Size (approx): 3.75 inch X 0.75 inch
  • 2 per package
  • Decal will come as 3 parts – the backing paper, the sticker itself, and the clear transfer tape.
  • Waterproof, self-adhesive, and removable.
  • Decal will not fade or run when wet.
  • Decals can be easily applied to any clean, smooth, flat surface.

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