Onewheel Off-Road Skateboard


This powered Onewheel Off-Road Skateboard is an awesome way to ride around just about anywhere.

I know it’s called a skateboard but, wouldn’t plan on doing a lot of tricks with it as it’s much more of a scooter crammed into a skateboard shape than an actual skateboard. Also it’s one wheel and heavy weight (30 pounds) would more like result in a sprained ankle than a Frontside 360 Ollie.

As a scooter, though, it’s pretty awesome. Featuring a 500W motor and a 6 to 7 mile (abound 10 km) range, it’s perfect for short commutes to campus/work at up to 15 MPH (24 kph). Same goes for short trips to the beach or along hiking and biking paths.

Since it was built to be “off-road”, the one large wheel will roll over rocks, roots, bumps and cracks that would send you flying from a normal skateboard.

Yes, it will go uphill but, as you would expect, it won’t be as fast. Also, doing a lot of uphill will shorten the range quite a bit.

Onewheel Off-Road Skateboard: Product Details

  • Dimensions 12 x 12 x 30 inches.
  • Weight 30 pounds.
  • Motor: 500 Watts.
  • Max Lean Angle: 30 Degrees.
  • Battery: 48V LiFePo4. 20 minute recharge time.
  • Top Speed: 15 MPH.
  • Range: 6-7 Miles.


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