Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker


Do you need a real time GPS tracker? Probably not. Do you want a real time GPS tracker? Hell Yes!!!

Look. There’s actually some good reasons for you to get one of these. Not the least being that you can hide one in your car just in case it gets stolen (or you can’t remember where you left it after Margarita Monday at the local bar). You can simply look at your phone or tablet and see a Google map of where the tracker is located.

This device is small and offers real-time (or near real time) tracking and is battery operated. So, you could also use it to keep track of your luggage while traveling. That way, you know exactly how far away from you it is when the airline loses it.

I could come up with other reasons you want this but, I think you get the idea.

Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker: Product Details

  • Size: 2.7in x 1.5in x 0.93in
  • Item Weight: 2.6 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 12 ounces
  • Battery Life: Up to 2 weeks (depending on how often you tell it to send an update)
  • Service Price: $19.95. Paypal or Credit/Debit Card
  • Can send alerts based on location, speed, etc.
  • Works in many portions of the world.

It should go without saying, but… We are not responsible for your usage of this device. DO NOT use this thing to unknowingly spy on someone. You might get arrested or sued.

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