Passport – Global Travel Adapter


Passport - Global Travel Adapter

The Passport (via Kickstarter) is a Global Travel Adapter. Now, travel adapters have been around for a long time but, this one is different.

You see, most travel adapters have multiple attachments to fit the various plugs. They can get lost, making it useless to you. In addition, they often have a single, internal fuse so, the first time a power spike happens, the whole thing becomes an expensive brick.

This one is different as it has a patent-pending auto-resetting fuse. Auto-resetting fuses are commonly seen in the aerospace industry but, this is the first time someone put one in a global travel adapter. The auto-resetting technology allows the device to recover from an overload on its own within just one minute, making it electronically unbreakable, and the most resilient travel adapter ever.

Pretty cool, huh?

To use the adapter, all you have to do is slide one of the four levers to select the correct plug then plug your device into the receptacles in the back. It will work in over 150 countries and works up to 250 VAC. Please note, it is not a power converter so, it won’t make a 240 VAC outlet work with your 120VAC appliances.

Passport - Global Travel Adapter

Fortunately, most electronics these days use auto-switching power supplies so they’re just fine with both 120VAC and 240 VAC power. Just double-check your devices before plugging them in where the power is different.

In addition to allowing you to use the charger for your laptop or other device, it also comes with 4 built-in USB charging ports. All of the plugs can be used at once. So, you could charge two phones, your tablet, your camera, and your laptop at the same time. That means that you don’t need to haul four different chargers on your trip. You only need to pack some of them.

That saves you space and hassle.

The Passport is still in the funding stage on Kickstarter but, it’s already been over 300% funded as I write this. Units are expected to ship in September.

So, if you’re planning a trip to someplace warm this winter, you might want to back this project. If nothing else, you can save a few bucks as it will be more expensive once it hits store-shelves this fall.

Passport – Global Travel Adapter: Product Details

  • Dimensions: 2.24 x 2.8 x 2.5 inches (57x 72 x 64 mm).
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces (159 g).
  • USB Output: 2.4A/12W Max per port, 5A/25W Total.
  • AC Input: 100-250V/AC 50/60Hz.
  • AC Output: 6A Max (600W at 100V or 1500W at 250V).
  • Can charge up to 5 devices at once.

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