Pepper Spray Bracelet


Have you ever wondered why movie heroes are always trying to get the element of surprise in a fight? Well, I know why. It’s because it freaking works! That’s why this Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet is such a great self-defense weapon.

Made from soft silicone, it slips easily around your wrist where it’s always handy and very inconspicuous – it looks more like a fitness tracker than a weapon. However, despite an innocuous appearance, it conceals a powerful 10% pepper spray solution.

[Yes, it does come in manly colors too, like black and camo, but I thought I’d get your attention.]

It has just over a 3-foot range, so it’s not the longest ranged pepper-spray device out there but, at least, you don’t have to fumble around in your pocket or purse trying to fish out a conventional canister during an attack.

Remember, the best self-defense weapon is the one you have when you need it. So, get this one now. It makes a great gift for your special lady that you want to keep safe too.

Pepper Spray Bracelet: Product Details

  • 10% OC pepper spray.
  • 3 to 6 short bursts per canister.
  • Lightweight (weighs less than one ounce) .
  • Discreet, Low-profile design.
  • Range of 3 feet.

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