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Pico Model C Beer Brewing Appliance

The new Pico Model C Beer Brewing Appliance (Kickstarter) is a counter top craft beer brewing appliance that allows anyone to brew 5 liter kegs of craft beer using ready to go cartridges called PicoPaks. The picoPaks can be purchased from their BrewMarketplace. Think of it as a Keurig machine but for beer instead of coffee.

The PicoPaks use recipes and ingredients from the best craft breweries all around the world. This means that you can sample beers from all over the world without the hassle of traveling all over the world.

The Pico C builds on the technology created for its big brother, the award-winning Pico Model S but is even easier to use and more affordable. It does it by eschewing the expensive stainless steel cladding, large OLED display, and traditional ball-lock keg.

Pico Model C Beer Brewing Appliance

In place of the traditional keg, the Pico C has a custom-made fermentation vessel, the Pico C Keg. It’s basically just a stainless-steel pot with a lid that latches on like a pressure cooker. Instead of using ball-lock connectors, there are color-coded hoses that run to the keg. This makes it a little easier to use and has the advantage of being dishwasher safe. That’ll make cleanup a breeze.

When they ditched the display, they added a new app called BrewPulse. The app, which is still under development, doesn’t control the Pico C as it’s all automatic. Instead, it walks you through every step of the brewing process. Pretty cool, right?

The cost-cutting measures worked as the Pico Model S costs around $800 while the Pico Model C is a bit more reasonable at a MSRP of $549.00. If that’s still a bit pricey for you, you might want to jump on the kickstarter since the current price is just $309.00. Don’t worry, the project has already been fully funded so the folks at PicoBrew will get the Pico C delivered on time.

Currently, that looks to be July of this year (which will be awesome for summer parties).

Pico Model C Beer Brewing Appliance: Product Details

  • Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 14 inches.
  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Capacity: 5 liters (or between one and 10 servings depending on how much you like beer).
  • You put a PicoPak in, press a button, and you get beer out. What else do you want!!!!

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