Printrbelt – Infinite Z 3D Printer


The Printrbelt is an Infinite Z 3D Printer (via Printrbelt). Sounds really cool, right? “Infinite Z”? Well, all that means is that this 3D printer, unlike others, prints onto a conveyor belt instead of a platform.

To pull this off, it prints at a 45′ angle. Now, obviously, there are questions that come up with a print head on an angle like this and how it might affect strange shapes, big overhangs, leveling, etc.

However, the ability to send multiple jobs to the same printer without the need to come and scrape the part off before the next one can begin is appealing. As it prints, it moves the belt to have the parts slide towards the other end where they pop off and drop into whatever bin you’re collecting them in.

Now you can print out an entire multi-part project overnight with just one printer. Talk about a time and hassle saver!

Now, the nearly $2000 price tag might sound expensive (and it is) but, if you need to print multiple parts, the only alternative is to buy multiple 3D printers. Then you have to power and feed them separately. Suddenly, the price tag doesn’t sound so unreasonable, does it?

Printrbelt – Infinite Z 3D Printer: Product Details

  • Dimensions: 20.25 x 13 x 14 inches.
  • Weight: 19 pounds.
  • Print Resolution: .2mm layer height recommended.
  • Print Speed: 30-60mm/sec depending on material. Results may vary.
  • Filament: 1.75mm PLA (sample included).
  • Extruder: Gear Head v2 Alu Extruder.
  • Belt: Stainless steel covered in Kapton.
  • Software: Polar3D will provide the cloud software. WIFI or ethernet is required.
  • Power Requirements: Standard 110V outlet.

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