Upgraded R2-D2 Coffee Press


This upgraded R2-D2 Coffee Press is a great way to fix your stuck motivator first thing in the morning. Yes, he is the coffee-making droid you’re looking for…

Despite the fact that he curses so much that every single line of dialog he has gets bleeped out, he’s happy to help you wake up so you can successfully fight Stormtroopers. I don’t have to tell you how embarrassing it is to rush off to battle only to realize you forgot your blaster because you were still half asleep.

R2-D2 Coffee Press

As mentioned before, this is an upgraded R2-D2 Coffee Press (R4-D4?) as he has a retooled, all-metal plunger assembly. That means no more warping or cracking which was, unfortunately, a problem in the first version. In addition he bolt is now welded on, and they put Artoo through a series of stress tests this time around to make sure he’ll stand up to the occasional glancing shot from a TIE Fighter.

R2-D2 Coffee Press

To use the press, dump in your freshly ground coffee and boiling water into his glass body, brew for a few minutes, plunge, and he’ll serve up piping hot coffee. Officially, he has a 32 ounce capacity but, some folks have reported that he holds closer to 24 ounces.

I’m not sure I like that but, he’s so awesome otherwise, I’ll learn to live with it.

Now. All I need to find is a C-3PO coffee grinder that can tell me the odds of successfully grinding my coffee properly in over six million different languages.

(via Think Geek)

R2-D2 Coffee Press: Product Details

  • Dimensions: 6 1/2 wide x 9 1/2″ tall x 6 1/2″ deep (including the handle)
  • Weight: 1 1/2 lbs.
  • Capacity: Officially 32 ounces but, it is really more like 24 is more like it.
  • Materials: BPA-free plastic housing + glass body + food-grade stainless steel filter assembly.
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise.
  • Includes glass carafe, plunger & filter, and housing.
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack only) but not microwave safe.

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