Rack & Pinion Light Switch Plate

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Green Tree Jewelry Double Rack & Pinion Brown Wood Light Switch Plate

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This Rack & Pinion Light Switch Plate is the perfect way to add a touch of Steampunk to your home or office.

Looking like something out of Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop, this wooden double light switch cover features a pair of functional rack & pinion gear systems which flip standard light switches on or off by turning the cranks.

The cranks rotate a gear, which pulls or pushes the rack which, in turn, flips the existing light switch on or off. The switch plate has dual on/off indicator arrows to add a touch of fancy to this mechanical work of art.

Don't have a double light-switch? No problem, there's also a version for a single switch plate.


Installation is super easy as it installs over top of the existing switch and wall plate. It’s perfect for anywhere where you want to add an attention grabbing detail to your home (such as the kitchen or guest bath), office, or workshop.

Please note that it will not work with rocker-type light switches. Same goes for push-button switches.

Rack & Pinion Light Switch Plate: Product Details

  • Dimensions: 5″ x 8.25″.
  • Made from renewable and recyclable materials. (i.e. Wood.).
  • Light switch cover is completely functional. Gear handle moves rack, turning on and off light switch.
  • It looks like it came right from Leonardo da Vicni’s workshop.


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